Tuesday, October 22, 2013

a fall festival

this sparkly attraction just sort of appeared out of nowhere one day right across the street from us.  aaaaand fair type fun!!! that close to me!!! i have to!! except, for a couple of days we weren't quite sure what all this fun was for and when it would allow us to experience it.   iiii personally had to know. so one day, while driving by, I popped on in, looking for someone! anyone! found a lady and asked her.  a Fall Festival she told me. SOLD!  And let me also tell you, Austin, he is the best. especially because this was actually on the same day we pumpkin patched earlier that afternoon.  juuuust getting in any and all 13 years and younger activities in twenty-four hours, don’t mind us. sooo, we cruised on over and explored.  however!! we chose to not partake in any rides that may or may not allow us to live to see tomorrow. those are just scary. i love theme parks, I just don’t really like 75% of the rides. they sort of terrify me. but the ferris wheel! that’s more my speed! so we chose that one. and lucky for the both of us we met the height requirement and away we went! the whole festival was a really random treat for us, especially driving by at night, it felt so alive! and then monday came and took with it its rides and lights and funnel cakes! woeeeee is me. 


Crumbs and Curls said...

Funnel cakes are my favorite part of festivals, they are so yummy!


Young and Fabulous said...

omg fair/carnival rides terrify me too! its like at any moment they could go flying into kingdom come!

love the pics and love you guys! Fall Festival. That should be a requirement in every town ever!


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