Tuesday, October 29, 2013

camping! year three

driving budz

saturday, us people along with some of our other favorite people, camped on austin's family's pretty property in north georgia!  it’s become an October tradition of ours, one of the best actually. except this year, we went a little bit later than usual, and it was a lot a bit colder than the past years! but! I will tell you, the whole me, wearing tights under leggings under sweatpants? it was so snugly and really kept all that body heat right where i like it, in the bod.  this was charlie’s first year too!! and he loooved it so very much. especially getting to play with the two other puppies and running around leash-less! us human people loved it very much as well! we had our s'mores and hot dogs and campfire.... and wine for the lady campers and beer for the mountain men, all the necessities! 

since our camping adventure fell on the last weekend of October, we made sure to bring along little bits of costumes, but charlie was fully prepared in his pirate attire and really looked so johnny depp dashing in his puppy pirate onesie. i caaaaant handle such cuteness, its too good. and so he’s been wearing it on and off for maybe a week now.

also!! do you see that ghoulish ghost hanging right on up there?! he was one of my little ghost people i made to hang during our camping trip to set the halloweenish mood, except i forgot safety pins to help hang. boo! literally. i guess when i made my camping list, under blankets, and hats, and jackets, and scarves, safety pins somehow slipped my mind. anyways, while we were dissembling our tent to go back to civilization, i found a random safety pin just hanging out! ooo the timing!! but i was sooo very happy to at least get to hang one ghost man, and for its 30 minute life it sure looked great out there until stone took it down. :( although hanging up these ghosts in our little home was the first thing he did as we stepped in so, all is well.

so elijay! thank you for having us and keeping us safe from all the unknown that lives in your wilderness [like the rattle snake that was spotted days before while cutting the grass…….!!!!] you have become one of our best traditions yet with some of our very favorite people and we cant wait to visit next year!

year one
year two


katOUT said...

Looks like a fun tradition! Glad you were able to stay warm. Still can't get over your first trip when Stone whacked the top of the wine bottle off with a machete!!!

Fit With Flash said...

fun! i love camping in the fall : )

Brianna said...

so fun! And that looks like the prettiest little place ever!! you guys are so so cute! that picture of you 3 sure is frameable!!!

Michelle said...

such a lovely blog


Ashley said...

how do you look so cute CAMPING?!?! i look like a sloth when i wake up in a regular bed!!

also, pick a night (minus wednesday) for puppy walking and engagement telling :)