Monday, October 14, 2013


we staycationed this past weekend! and it was such a delight. stone's daddy was out of town on vacay so since we already had to pop on over and get his mail i thought it would be fun to spend the day and night. stone and charlie were like suuuure! let's do it! so we did! i love visiting stone's old stomping grounds. i like hearing his stories and seeing all his childhood/teenage stuff! strange to think i didn't even know he existed then! oh and i really loved letting charlie run around and explore every single thing his little puppy heart desired.  he was really in his element and loving it all. and i don't blame him, the house austin grew up in is a neat one and actually on kennesaw mountain national park! a good bit of his family's backyard is made up of granite which just adds to the uniqueness. farther back there is a running trail that leads to several fields that civil war battles were fought on [they aren't quite sure which ones in particular but that area!] we explored and we were happy. plus the weather was just so fallish and perfect. 

we also watched a lot of college football. its the one sport i really like to watch. but it must be college! so if you want to know my thoughts on all that, they go a leeeettle something like this!!

our sweet home alabama won. and i love saban. but poor Kentucky quarterback, get well soon!!

flordia, i really wish you won! which is weird, but they were playing lsu. and they just arent my cup of tea. no offense really, i just dont find them to be very nice! i'm sorry! i'm sure some are but geeez. plus i still hold a grudge towards their baseball coach for saying mean things about alabama to us at one of stone's college baseball games back in the day. 

and ole miss. eeeeeeeeee. Ole miss. we were really crazily into this game. and i felt soooo terrible for the one player who had to be carried out on a stretcher. made all my insides hurt. especially after hurting my own self, it just makes football harder to watch. those boys are tough ones!  and well, it would have been fun to see johnny football lose again :)  

i'm feeling extra sporty and knowledgeable right now ;) 

anyways, it was a really good fallish weekend. i love my people, they make normal everyday life really enjoyable.  happy monday to you!


Anonymous said...

I have a weird obsession with porches and that porch and stairs on the front of the house are GORGEOUS!!!

Pamela said...

Love the last picture!! So cute :)

Crumbs and Curls said...

Staycations can be so fun, & it looks like this one was. The house is absolutely gorgeous!

Crumbs and Curls

Kimberly Bonham said...

I love staycations! So fun.
Great pictures!


Ashley said...

should you ever staycation in our hood, let me know...and i'll staycation with you and the babe and Stone! :)