Tuesday, December 31, 2013

christmas things from our hood!

this sister of mine gifted austin and i with a one hour wedding dance lesson! so so thoughtful and sweet and i am sooo excited! get ready stone

we had a very merry christmas holiday. it is always soo nice to go home to be with my most favorite people and our traditions. we have so many and i love every single one of them. on christmas eve, every year, for the past sixteen actually!! we have written resolutions - but they usually tend to be a mix of resolutions/predictions/year re-caps. we read what we wrote to our future selves last christmas eve out loud to everyone  and then write a new one. its fun to read through old ones and see how life has changed! from my middle school days, to my high school days to wondering where id go to college, to meeting this one handsome stone and now engaged to that very guy! its a fam tradition i know i will carry on with my own future fam one day. 
 after one more sleep, christmas morning came and with that santa!! and  my dad with his reindeer ears on walking from bedroom door to bedroom door waking us kiddies up with bells. festive that one!! and i love him for it. so we had a very merry christmas indeed celebrating our Lord and Savor's birthday with soo much love and togetherness. xoxoxo love my people to the north pole and back!!