Wednesday, December 4, 2013

past meeting present

the best alabama popsicle sign made by my sweet sister nineee years ago!  for my college bound 18 year old self 

over the thanksgiving holiday austin and i flew home to connecticut. and in six and a half years of relationshipness, he has not gotten to visit my family's reaaaal homey home. the one i grew up in. [but this is mainly because i myself am so rarely there!] he has been to my family's beach house a bunch of times, so there is that. but meeting the real home! well, i was really excited for this magical occasion.  it has so much character and holds so many healy mems over the past seventeen years!

and that bedroom of mine, its the one bedroom that really hasn't changed very much! with me going to college so far away, my furniture and room thingys stayed put. while my brother and sisters beds and fun things like that went with them to college in boston. sooo, when you enter my room! you sort of step back in time. pictures of middle school, high school things. and yearbooks, harry potter book collections, dawsons creek, high school graduation cap and saved junior, senior prom corsages. and then there are my journals. and my three million notes from my friends. boxes full. we really liked our notes to each other.

so stone got to meet my middle, high school self in room form. and my middle, high school room self got to meet my FIANCE. crazy! and all that just brings me back to times when i was in that room wondering about entering high school and dances and then college! or about boys and first kisses and first heartbreaks and all the exciting and not so exciting stuff that come with growing up. and then, you sort of just blink and here we are, present day! and my fiance is in my old room from my olden days. that was pretty cool. i'm pretty sure middle school chelsea would be really excited. and happy. and definitely give her teenage blessing.


Miss Chelsea said...

That's so awesome! haha... my parents redid my room shortly after I bought my house, so no future fellas will ever get to experience it (probably better that way ay yi yi haha!)

Chicago Girl said...

So cute!

Chelsea said...

Awww, I just love this! How amazing that he finally got to visit and meet the middle/high school you after so many years! And it's even more magical that he's your fiancé! (Also, I love all the Chelseaness going on right about now ;)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

My room got converted into storage after I vacated it. That's pretty awesome that yours is still in tact.

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