Monday, December 30, 2013


pre-Christmas we were sort of all over the place! which i liked because i got to squeeze in all my favorite places.   i flew into boston to spend the weekend with my one and only favorite little sister! who is just so cool and quite cityish. hailing taxis, jumping on the t, walking to get groceries, that kind of stuff. i was reminded again that as much as i love boston [ooh and i do!] i just don’t think me, Chelsea Coleen, could do it.  public transportation likes to smack me with motion sickness almost every time, so it would be a bit of a problem.  but my sister, she's got it down. so it was fun being a reeeeal city girl with her for a couple of days. brunching, Newberry Street shopping, train riding, nights out.  i’m good at all that! [minus the train riding]  plus i was happy that i had her all to myself! because my time with her is really golden.  i sure do love that maid of honor of mineeee! oh!!! and i mustn't forget to mention!! while in boston i got to meet up with one of my dear, dear blog loves for the second time actually! and it was so great. she is so great. and incredibly thoughtful!! gifting austin and i with the sweetest engagement present. [xoxoxo ms erica! miss you already!] the next night my brother flew in. a brother who i have not seen since august!!! entirely way too long. he's been the busiest musician bee, traveling every which way on tour so it was really nice to have him home. and to have one healy sibling night to ourselves! [not that we didn’t miss those p-rents of ours!] but it was fun. they are fun. i am so lucky to be related to these hilarious, kind, loving, favorite people of mine.   the next day our parents picked us city kids up and brought us to manomet. home to our beach house and a million memories. our fav beachy place. we managed to squeeze in one long beach walk [finding sea glass and other treasures along the way] and a seafood din! mmmm. all very good for the soul. and phew, that was all before Christmas!