Friday, December 6, 2013

thanksgiving tradition! [well, one of the many]

every thanksgiving my parents have a game for us family peeps to play in between the visiting and eating. and eating some more. every year! they are so good with their traditions, which is a good indicator about why im so tradition in love. i think they are so good for families to have. so, games. we have one every year. and all family members always wonder what it will be. so! this year, twenty-thirteen, introduced us to a bb gun. bb gun and target practice on a crisp thanksgiving afternoon actually! my dad had set up a bunch of home made targets.  which were just too funny, walking out in our backyard and seeing a huge cardboard target, cans stacked on top of each other, things hanging from the trees. ha, they are clever ones those parents of mine and we love them for it! so thanksgiving began, and family came. and the boys bracket and girls bracket started. i clearly did not win the girls bracket, but you know who won the boys?? well, that fiance of mine. and you could say, oh he's from the south! he does this all the time. but nope! no hunter, but! a an old baseballer! so maybe some of that good pitching accuracy creeped on in! anyways, it was just a really funny surprise to me. go stone! after the games came to an end, my dad crowned the winners and gifted them with the grandest prize.  their very own, duck dynasty hats. you are welcomeeeee! until next year! 

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