Thursday, January 16, 2014

2013 year in review

twenty-thirteen! you will forever be tagged in my head as one of my most favorite years yet. i love my mems, my moments, remembering them all. that's just sort of how my mind and heart operate. and so having a good bit of them all right here!! well i like it alot. so lets see!!

january: i celebrated a birthday! we watched our sweet home alabama football team win its 15th national championship, puppy learned to shake

february: celebrated valentines day with my valentine for the 6th year in a row, rented a cabin, said another sad goodbye to austin as he left for the world of spring training and baseball.

march: went on a park date with my littlest gent, celebrated st patricks day with some favorites, a green fountain, and monkey, watched my brother and band perform on jimmy kimmel, celebrated charlies haaaalf birthday! road tripped to florida with puppy in tow to visit our fav baseballer in spring training 

april: austin returned from the world of baseball [which he then decided would be for good!] we celebrated the Easter holiday for the first time ever! traveled to Savannah the beautiful to celebrate the marriage of stone’s one and only favorite brother to his one and only bride to be, visited with my two cute parentscelebrated charlie’s puppy-cousins bday.                        

may: traveled to nashville to watch a college favorite marry her love, saw my little sister graduate [from college... what?!!] and recapped all how to graduate steps, explored little bits of boston, welcomed spring and its sun and warmth back into our lives, celebrated my stone's 27th birthday! 

june: celebrated six years of us [and also, happened to sprain my finger and cut my eye in the whole anniversary preparation process] little sister turned twenty-two, moved into a new apartment with the most handsomest of roommates, figured out how to avoid seven years of bad luck, soaked in lots of summer sunshine

july: wished America the beautiful a happy birthday on a rainy day with some favorite friends of ours, relived an old college vid from our golden days, soo proudly wished colinboy a happy opening night of the light the fuse tour! properly celebrated the birth of will and kate's new babe, prince george! celebrated my half birthday,  watched that brother of mine play with dustin lynch and band on a big, big stage in front of so many, right here in georgia

august: took a trip to our beach house and this time with my stone! his first manomet summer trip! pirate partied with my most favorites, rented one yellow school bus with my family and friend loves to see colinboy in concert form! [which easily was my favorite day of the summer]

september: celebrated charlie's first birthday, welcomed our sweet home alabama football back into our lives!, went on lots and lots of river dates with my little pup [and our human and animal friends] so char could embrace his inner water dogness and swim his doggy paddling fish heart out, said our goodbyes to summer and a hello to autumn 

october: went camping for the third year in a row on austin's fam's property in north georgia, fall festivaled at the most sparkly attraction right across the street from us! went to a pumpkin patch with my pumpkin, made our annual orange dinner for two, had our very own staycation at austin's housey

november: weeeeeeeell. november will forever be the most memorable for me. on the first of the month, my college sweetheart asked this girl of his to marry him! [and i said yes yes, forever yes!], that fiance and i selected a venue at the most magical place! and with that a wedding date! [see you in september peeps!!] made a special bday hat for a special bff of ours, went wedding dress shopping [a lot, so hard! so many beauties!], introduced my present to my past, spent thanksgiving in connecticut with my fam and fiance

december: kissed my love off for his first day of work in the businessy world, spent pre-christmas at the beach with my peeps, celebrated Jesus's birthday with so much family love and togetherness, said goodbye to twenty-thirteen in our fancy clothes......

.......and a reaaally excited hello to twenty-fourteen! the year i become mrs. stone hyatt. woooooo!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You had an amazing 2013! I can't wait to see all the joys that 2014 brings you!

Chicago Girl said...

Great recap! 2014 is going to be a great year for you!