Thursday, January 30, 2014

28, week one!

so i had a birthday! and it was a happy one. like they really always are. and that's just because of well, you. and family. and friends. and fiance's [just one in my case] who made me feel extra special, and soo loved. and as much as i do feel that, every day, on your bday? that type of love and appreciation just sort of overwhelmingly hit you [in the best possible way]  and that's really why i love them so much. mine, yours. bdays and their specialness. [plus, flowers from the ones who gave me life and ones from my stone and the yuuummmmy italiano/seafood din date help to add to their goodness. mmm]

so in week one of twenty-eightness, its been a really busy one!!

1. my mommy was supposed to fly into atlanta the day after my bday for some wedding planning things! but because of the snow up north, her flight was canceled. so that lady, was like hey paul! [or you know, dad to me] i need to pack my bags and go to the! so on my birthday, she hopped on the next flight and to atlanta she flew! she got in that evening, which worked out perfectly because stone and i were still able to have our bday din date for two and then swing by and pick up our lovely little guest. 

2. during my mom's quickie 48 stay, we were two girls on a wedding dress mission! aaand! i've narrowed it down to two!! which is huge for me.  [because there are sooo many beauties. so many!!]

3. we met with our wedding planner and a gem of a floral designer [and really so much more, jack of all trades type person, the best type of people] and it was just wonderful. so much relief and excitement over talking about wedding details and the look of everything. getting to envision it all! eeek!

4. atlanta had its first snow! which you probably have heard about. because it was absolutely crazy here. the highway's were terrible. gridlocked. so gridlocked.  it took me oh i don't know, two-ish hours to drive home from an office that is about 3 or so miles from our home. and that's after i decided to park my car in a parking garage and walk the last half a mile home! and oh gosh. coming across some people's really insensitive reactions on all forms of social media about the south and its snow and just how misinformed they were!! it sure did not make me the happiest! i think this article is one of the best ones i've come across yet to help explain it all!

5. austin and i did both make it home safe and sound from work and we were the lucky ones. [compared to thousands. the ones who had to spend 13 hours in their cars to get home like my co-worker, or the ones who had to spend the night in their cars, or grocery stores, or like the poor momma in labor who had her baby right on the side of the darn highway!!!] so our commute was really nothing in the scheme of things. and we luckily got to enjoy the snowfall and introduce our little pup to the cold beauty that is snow! he's our Portuguese snow puppy now! good thing that little guy has his his millions of teddy bear hairs to keep him warm, warm, warm! [we are currently off from work again today, and i will take it! safe, warm and with my favorite peeps]

6. that brother of mine and the light the fuse tour he has been on for months now, stopped in NYC last night. at Madison Square Garden.  i mean!!! so proud of that guy. such an amazing experience. and as much as i wish i could have joined my parents, i will see him tomorrow actually! in nashville! my sister and her bff and me and one of mine are all meeting in nashville for the weekend to celebrate colinboy and go to the laaaaast concert of the light the fuse tour. so much fun that it will be ending in their home city!!

annnd well thats been week one! so really looking forward to the next 51 weeks twenty-eight has in store for me! 


Christina Schergen said...

yay for wedding dress shopping! so glad everyone was safe...and very cool about your brother!

Chicago Girl said...

Yay for shopping! I am so worried about looking for the dress.
Glad you fared well in the snow!

Ashley said...

down to 2 dresses!!?!?! eeeeee!!! I need a chelsea-life-wedding-catchup date real soon!

Ashleigh said...

Only 2 dresses left to choose from?Ekk so exciting... Good luck on picking that perfect number 1 dress sweet girl. Glad you had a good birthday week!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It sounds like you've been so busy and having so much fun!!