Wednesday, January 8, 2014

one reason why little sisters are the best....

so, there are roughly about a billionish reasons why my own little sister sits on the tippity top of my mental list of people who are just the best of the best of the best. but one reason in particular! little sisters, they know you. like really, reaaaally well. and therefore, they keep their eyes and ears out for things you may like/love/obsess over. and also,  if you are really lucky like i happen to be, and you both happen to share these common obsessions then you can also then share the mutual excitement over such things, which makes it even mooore exciting. 

so anyways, this sister of mine, sent me this link. and in this link, it contains huge amounts of excitement for me personally [and  her, and probably you too, that is, if you are a bookworm]  so it is a list of sixteen books to read before they hit theaters this year! and what is really so great to me is seeing three of my favorite books on that list!  dark places. gone girl. and the fault in our stars. [major emphasis on the last two!] they're coming to life, they're coming to life! 

and now i want to read every book on that list, because i'm thinking if three of my favorites made it, then hollywood must be doing something right. so thanks sista, you keep me so young. 


Crumbs and Curls said...

I curious to see how "The Giver" turns out! I read it twice in elementary school so it'll be cool to see it on the big screen!


Sarah Burton said...

Literally just saw that link and requested every single book from the library. So much happiness for a bookworm's heart!!

Ashley said...

little sisters ARE the best...i may or may not happen to be one. :)

Young and Fabulous said...

OOO!!! i need to stalk this list!! love love love it!

love you and your sissys relationship :)

zara may said...

I love your blog

Jamie said...

Thank you for passing this on!! I'm always looking for books to read before they actually become movies.

Fit With Flash said...

ooooh nice! i love this. are you on it's like a social networking site for readers and it's great! i am, you should join!

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