Monday, January 13, 2014

something yummy

i have had this long lasting love affair with goat cheese for a while now. its my favorite. its actually, austin's too.  we've just so happened to have it at all special occasions. likeee, our last din before he left for baseball. or on the night we got engaged! its my love language.  anyways, here's something yummy that my mom made over Christmas and i was like what! this is brilliant! why haven’t i done this??! so this weekend i did and it’s the simplest but geez. these three ingredients make a really yummy combo if i do say so myself!

crackers/goat cheese[we prefer trader joes! mmm]/pears/cooked pancetta and well, there you go! 


Kathy Healy said...

I remember when you would only eat cheddar cheese! Love goat cheese. YUM!

Miss Chelsea said...

I love that a cheese brings up so many good memories for you! haha it's adorable. I don't think I have that sort of association with any cheeses yet, but I'll hold out hope