Tuesday, January 21, 2014

today! i am the birthday girl!

this morning i was greeted by the happiest puppy dog, who jumped right up on me in so much excitement it was like he hadn't seen me in years! when really, he had just spent the entire night sleeping right next to me. and some coffee in bed from my workin' man before he left for the day. i then spent the next two hours in that bed reading. which caused me to me a good bit late to work. 10 more  minutes, turned into 15, turned into an hour...and a half. but hey! it's my bday! and  this book is sucking me in. allll in [divergent! another book being made into a movie. so, read it before!! this one is a goodie] when i arrived at work, my office was happily decorated in bday things and cards and the cutest of bday flowers had already arrived from those two very special people in the picture riiiight up there! so i do want to properly celebrate this birthday of mine! twenty-eight! and it's the last one i get to celebrate as chelsea coleen healy [but luuuckily, those CCH initials of mine aren't goin anywhere! thanks hyatts!] i've said this a few millionish times before, but i love bdays [half, whole, mine, probably yours] and its truly because as soon as you wake up, you immediately feel so special from all the bday wishes. you, people, and your words, you make me feel so  loved and very tingly and warm. and its the best way to feel. so thanks! xo

***picture borrowed from this special post


Sarah Burton said...

Happy birthday, pretty lady!! Hope this birthday has been the best one yet!

Brianna said...

happiest birthday to YOU!!! hope it was even more wonderful as the day went on! (:

Kristin said...

happiest birthday! hope it was spectacular!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

Ashlee said...

Happy Birthday, I know I'm late but it's still your birthday week. :)

I mentioned you in my blog this morning for "coffee talk"..Enjoy!

-Ashlee Michelle

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