Wednesday, February 26, 2014

fish are friends! not food!

that face right up there! that is the face of my really happy little puppy who picked out [ehhhh with the help of his humans] his fishy brotha from another motha last night at his most favorite store in his entire, entire world!! petsmart! i recently bought this really neat glass/cement terrarium which i beleive was created to house indoor gardens which im all for, but this one, it sort of screamed, house a fish.  [i've had a fish or two in my days and i have always really liked to put them in vases or different pieces of decor rather than the regular ole boring fish bowls. so that probably explains my thought process there.]  my last fish lived for just about three long years and then one day! swimming, no more. which was kind of sad actually! even though i had gotten charlie by that time. but still! so last night, stone, char and i went to petsmart to help him find a new friend to keep him company while we are busy being adults during the work week.  i probably treat charlie  more like a little human but oh whatever, its so much fun. he likes to be involved with all household family decisions. so! that concludes our petsmart adventuring last night. and yes, its just some daily stuff from our world, but i mean, we really do have fun at a lot of places. eeeven the fish aisle of petsmart on a Tuesday night.

welcome to the fam, fishy! [who is a he!] we will name you one of these days