Tuesday, February 4, 2014

it snowed!

left over snow and ice from day threee
 it snowed last week! and while it did cause a whole mountain of mess on the highways and long commutes and accidents and sleepovers at the grocery store, austin and i were lucky enough to just be stuck in it for three hours. which at the time we were like three hours!!!? and not the happiest about that. especially since my own commute home from work is 2.77 miles. [hey! thanks, mapquest] so ridiculous ! but the deeeead stopped traffic did allow me to put my car in park and paint my nails, so you know, silver lining.  we both finally made it home, and pretty much at the same time. we knew we were lucky and decided to celebrate the best way we know how at 4 pm on a tuesday afternoon… with mimosas! we happened to have several bottles of champagne in the fridge that had been gifted to us by some really sweet friends of ours so we said, suure, why not! i like spontaneous little decisions like that.  we were just really excited to be home. but mostly!! to get to introduce our sweet pup to the snow! his first snow!! so, so much fun. and so cute watching his little feet slip all around.  when charlie plays in the water, he gets really, really energtic and frisky.  and seeing him play in the snow, it brought out the same wild man like the water does.  which basically is just portuguese water dog behavior that translates too - this is fun and i like it.  so we enjoyed our snow day [and the two other ones after that] and a lot of unhealthy but oh so yummy comfort snow day food and three nights of redbox movies!! perfection.  but thankfully, by friday, the world [or well, Atlanta] was back to normal! and driving to work that morning, snow and ice free, it made me  so appreciative to welcome this kind of winter back into our lives.


brandy said...

Now I feel guilty about my last blog post! lol I loved the pictures!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Glad you stayed warm and safe!