Thursday, February 6, 2014

nash in black and white

so yes! we traveled to nash over the weekend! my brother has been touring with dustin lynch on Keith Urban's light the fuse tour since July 2013. [you know that. im sure. probably like we all know Juan Pablo has a daughter, because he said it a million times] but ok! so they've been touring and last saturday was their final show. they just so happened to end the tour in their hometown of Nashville! so when i heard my brother would actually be in nash for a whole weekend [ehhh halfish] i had to go. and so did my sister, all the way from boston. so i roadtripped with one of my bffs, and my sister flew down with one of hers! and it was one big reunion with my very favorites.

we got in on a friday and took over colins roommates house, mainly because we could.  they were playing a show in Knoxville and wouldn’t be home til the morning. the bar we went to had the very best band.  every song they played we just so happened to really love. so much so i might have asked the lead singer "dooooo you play weddings?" things i say sometimes. but really, they were great, and if they lived a little closer to atlanta, then done deal! the next morning, we visited a little bit once colin and roommate arrived home, lunched, and checked into our hotel for the night because we had a concert to get ready for!! so nice to go to their last show and experience it inside. i've been to two other shows of theirs this past summer outside and  they have alllways been so crazy with large amounts of fam and friends,  so this time! it was nice to actually be able to take it aalll in. and with that, i feel fell madly, deeply in loooove with keith urban.  and the sweetest love words he has for his wife! we were mush. muuush i tell you. so, aftewards we finally got to meet up with the musician bee and celebrate. the iphoney blurry little pictures at the tippity top of us three, they make me really happy! i think it captures us and our relationship pretty well.

eventually the trip came to an end, and i cried my eyes out saying goodbye to that boston sister of mine [who should stop living a plane ride away from me!!!] and we headed back to our lives. nash, I love you! thanks for being so full of life, and music, and talent. take care of my brother xoxo


Allie said...

I love these photos! Following you now :)

Brooke said...

I really do love all these little pictures. I'm going to Nash this weekend. I can't wait!

Ashley said...

you are too cute!! miss you neibs but YAY for save the dates. Whoo! exciting :)