Wednesday, February 19, 2014

snow apoc take two!

stone is my breakfast making extraordinaire 

it snowed! again! snow apoc take two! but this time, us atlanta people were much better prepared. and it really did help that we were all snug at home when the sleet and snow started to come down. and hard! both stone and i were off work for two days which we happily took advantage of. snow days with my boys, they are the beeeest. can't tell you how much i enjoy them. oooo and we had fun. with a lot of food and adventures and a looot of dexter watching. but also! one of those days, we decided to take a walk to walmart to buy more food for our bellies to consume when we just so happened to run into a friend of mine! who actually had the same idea and sadly reported to us walmart was closed. nooooooo! it never closes, we thought! but we decided to take a walk anyways since we were already bundled up and the world was looking so very pretty covered in my most favorite color [white!]  and much to our surprise!!! we spotted one bar/restaurant with an open sign all lit up! and i could smell food! so we veery slowly walked up, not really believing our eyeballs, and the door opened! and there was life! people! music! it was just too perfect. so we spent a good couple of hours there actually! making friends with the snowed in people and sipping drinks and even!! mozzarella sticks! and when my phone started to die... they let me charge it! so you know, best day ever.  snow apoc you were fun!! now bring me spring!


Rissy said...

I think your life is sometimes like some great romantic comedy scenes lol love this!

Jamie said...

Brrr. Stay warm!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Ek! Stay warm!

Unknown said...

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