Friday, February 21, 2014

v-day, year seven!

valentines 2014 came, went and was celebrated! colintines day is what my family prefers to call it, with my brother being born on that very day.  he enjoyed a very happy 26th birthday dining with his band peeps at Cracker Barrel ha!  ooh, road life.  but really, that restaurant is gold. and i think my next birthday [or half] needs to be celebrated there as well.  so my valentine and i celebrated together for the seventh year in a row actually! i came home to a pretty rose taped to the front door and well that was a good indication it was going to be a fun night! flowers make me happy. and they made an appearance. and Chinese food dinner dates make us both extremely happy, so that’s exactly what we did. later that evening we met up with a few friends of ours and BOWLED. which we haven’t done in three million years but hey! so fun! and i was actually pretty good! until i just really wasn't at all. oh well. hope yooou had a veeery happy love day.