Tuesday, March 25, 2014

a bachelorette for my breastie!

the bridey to be
the cutest hostess and brains behind the bach/50 shades operation :)

over the weekend we had a surprise bachelorette party for one of my very best friends. [and my one and only breast friend thanks to three days and a lot pink] and at this party there might have been a pure romance lady there as well with a whole bunch  of things which actually went peeerfectly with the 50 shades of grey theme! celebrations are my thing and this one was a reeeally fun one and for the greatest of reasons! love and marriage and everything that awaits her in this next chapter of life! 

three years ago i wrote about a re-bachelorette party i had for my dearest breastie. and now! i get to write about being at her actual bachelorette. and that makes me just so, so happy! and a little teary eyed but in the best possible way.

so! like i believed three years ago, and even more so now today, we will all have our own, special happily ever after.  that i know because i've seen it in my life and hers and so many others. and for a lack of a better words, it. is. so. cool

[and yes there will be hardships and sucky things too but love and goodness always prevail!]