Friday, March 7, 2014

moments and rambles on a friday afternoon!

lots of snappable moments in my life these days. and rambles that go along with them.  thanks i-phone for being such a good friend and helping me capture the little things that help to trigger that ole memory of mind. i have a lot of stuff in my brain lately, but  id prefer to remember all, thank you.

so there's been! sunday lunches with stones mema and fam. and cute little moments caught by the paparazzi between the two that make me happy. a good bit of movie nights for us people who don’t really watch movies. but movies we watched! combined with Netflix. and when i say netflix, i am speaking of one show, and one show only. Dexter.  i know the cold weather and the snow days a couple of weeks ago had a whole lot to do with sucking us back in.  we finally finished the series finale of dexter. and after the final ep concluded... if i am being honest... i was mad!! both stone and i. but me more. i just sort of sat there. blank faced. and actually really regretted watching the show to begin with!! it consumed so much of our tv lives and nightmares (mainly mine) and the ending. blah. so many questions Hollywood!! So do I recommend. let me marinate on that question. now. we did watch a real life movie the other night though! dallas buyers club. because after the Oscars, and us really not knowing one movie they were speaking of we made a list... and that movie.. really good. disturbing. sad. brings so much attention to the aids disease and its history. and on another note, jared leto?!! well, i.... certainly did not recognize you.

also, little stops to whole foods, and cupcake admiring. and on friday nights, they have a live band!! did you know that?? it's the place to be, clearly. this is also a really good indication that we are getting older, because it was a really fun, good vibin place to be.

and then a bunch of stuff with my fianc√© man and my puppy boy! we like to call the top parking deck of our apartment charlies urban playground. and i give all that cleverness to stone. he said it, and after laughing i thought... um you are so right. char's been living life with his new fishy bro who happened to come out of the bottom of his man cave the other night, most likely because of the blue skies and sunshine that was seeping on in. that's my guess. and as of last night, we are weekend puppy sitting for my bff's dog, who is a model pup! such a good good girl. and her and char!! so much love between the two! 

and just a bunch more! a family din at stone's brother and wifeys house which was aaaamazing. and some bridesmaid crafting on my part, which i can't believe it, i finished and finally gifted to those sweet faces. [minus one. still trying to figure out how to get it to her in Mchigan but ooooo i will!]

plus some snow. rain. sun. pool weather [ehhh, for those brave enough to sunbath when its only 70 degrees. that would be me. and char] cuddle up do not leave your house weather. and whole mix of good and bad bits of weather that is really keeping us on our toes. so hey spring! hurry up!!!


jayme said...

hi little miss mama-to-a-fishy! i'm comin' to atlanta this weekend for the SEC tourney! it's a whole family affair but i'd love to accidentally run into you sometime! xo

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I need all of those cupcakes right now!