Tuesday, March 18, 2014

one point five on st. paddys day!

i like my holidays and celebrations, they make my world go round and all that good stuff. i, chelsea coleen, my person - mind - body- heart- they operate that way. it brings me joy. and a good bit of that is thanks to those parents of mine. they like their holidays and celebrations too and you know, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!! nope, not  here. so when you combine a birthday [even a half birthday. even a half bday for a puppy by the name of charlie, lets say] and the st patrick's day holiday. and you happen to be half irish like this girl, welllllllll! o'lad, its in my dna to properly celebrate both.

i love my parents for a million reasons of course. but one especially, is all the thought and detail they have put into the little things over the years. likeee st patricks day. growing up, every time the holiday rolled around we would wake up to little mementos left by the wee little leprechaun.  green milk! green toilet water! green, green, green! and so my parents have been empty nesters for a couple of years now [what! how did that happen so fast?!]  but we like our tradition. so, yesterday morning the leprechaun that is my dad got up and got out the green dye, and the irish soda bread, and a a big ole piece of manomet green sea glass to set the mood. it’s such a myyy dad thing to do. and if you know him you  know what i am talking about.  its one of his greatest traits. and when he sent us all an email with a picture of his smiling face and the milk and the bread and the sea glass, it made me a weee bit homesick. and a lot of bit proud to just be related to these people of mine.

so anyways!  green dye on my part was bought as well! and we made sure to celebrate the holiday with green drinks and such and alsooo celebrate sir Charles half bday. green balloons for all! couldn’t help it!! its in my dna remember?? and it doesn’t help when party city is a whole half a mile away. so, happy half bday my char! makes me think back to  last year when i celebrated single mom style while my stone at at spring training.  but this year, totally different story.  he's here! i like this story even better.

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