Friday, March 14, 2014

previews of spring

we have really been enjoying our days with an extra hour of sunshine! it makes all the difference sometimes! especially after long work days. so we have been spending a couple of our evenings hanging by the pool in sweatshirts and shorts soaking it all in.  and you know, two days this week, consisted of bathing suit wearing and pool going! the very best. we pulled out our flip flops and austin wore his yellow shirt from winter wardrobe retirement and it felt nice! a good preview of what spring and the warmer months have in store for us. but no bathing suit wearing today. no its cold today. and its been a weird week of weather but we still have that extra hour of light! so i'll take it.  but besides all that weather loving. we also had a fuuuull house last weekend! we dog sat for a bff of mine's doggie, who also happens to be charlies bff. and they were two happy peas in a pod.  one morning it was just me, letting the puppies out, while it was raining, leashless and i mean that was a bit of work - mainly charlie running around like he hasnt seen the outdoors in years. kIdZ! they are exhausting.

see you soon spring, officially, officailly!