Tuesday, April 1, 2014

bye bye march

so quick recap of life things! for the future me, reading this in a week or a month or a year from now.

1. evening sidewalk chalking while austin happily cleaned his tires and char ran free. the little things! you are our favorite and i can see this happening a whole lot this spring. and i like it. A LOT [said preferably like juan pablo]
2. girls pinkberry date and some bright pretties from my main man on the dreariest of days
3. rescued by first day of spring! and weeee were delighted.
4. sunbathing with my babe+nook+warm weather+orange in my drink! you complete me.
5. aaand after some sunning, we cooked out! hot dogs, top 10 fav warm weather food.
6. wedding things and non wedding things with a sweet bff of mine! [human girl is not pictured] but her puppy  is! [charlies energetic loving twin] and he was o-v-e-r all the boring talk and wanting to p-l-a-y. 
7. if  grilled cheese is on the menu. i reeeeally cant steer clear. at all. nothing saying i am 28 like grilled cheese and merlot. nothing!
8. puppy will shake for coffee. kind of how i will buy pjs that say i need coffee.

march!  you were a delicious one! beautiful happy weather, thanks for giving us a preview of your sweetness! all the strange rain and gloom and coldness, see ya next year!

happy april first! 

rabbit. rabbit. rabbit.