Monday, April 21, 2014

road trip for one!


where it's at
by dustin lynch

late last thursday afternoon, my dearest brother mentioned he and band would be performing in Chattanooga that night. so you know, thanks for the major heads up!! but they were to go on at 10 pm, aaand Chattanooga is only about two hours from me. and! and! i happened to have Good Friday  off. so after much back and forth-ness, and a lot of running around post 5 pm workday, i oh sooo last minute decided to go. and all by my lonesome! i happened to be the only one out of all my loves who had the holiday off. but i am so, so happy i hightailed it and went! i can be a very a spur of the moment person, and i can also be a big planner. but when it involves seeing my long, not lost, but busy, brother i cannot say no, the go! go! part of me takes over. and to be honest! dustin lynch concerts, when they are juuust solely him and band, they are my favorite kind. the entire show is always so good, so much talent its incredible. and really only about 4% of me is saying that because my brother happens to play for dustin. the other 96%?? completely impartial! they recently released his newest song, where it's at, and ooh i play and play and plaaaay that one over and over again. so perfect for the warm weather that is back in our lives. so download! and colin, thank you for our late dinner sibling date afterwards and the convo and escorting me back to my hotel. you make me the moooost proud! and your life, it's too cool. xo!   ps. next time a day or two notice would make for a little less frantic me :) pps. the complimentary hotel b-fast did not hurt. 


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Glad you were able to see him!

Pamela said...

sooo I live in NC & I just saw where Dustin Lynch will be performing at our festival in September! Whoop, whoop! Small town but big festival, ha!