Thursday, May 1, 2014

2014... the year of love and marraige! and engagement partying

so in love with this sweet face.

we spent last saturday afternoon celebrating two favorite people of ours. i've deemed twenty fourteen, the year of love and marriage. because it so is. in the next five[ish] months we have a cousin of mine getting married, a cousin of austin's, us!! and another cousin of mine! and that's just family :) i love it. especially, especially! the talks along the way and hearing about all their planning and the dress shopping and the excitement [ know, sometimes confusion and frustration too] and my favorite, the ahhhh i'm really getting married !! moments.  those are the best.

so saturday! we were invited to the loveliest of homes for an engagement party in honor of austin's cousin and her fiancĂ©.  the weather was just perfect, i do not think for one single second it could have been any sweeter. the entire afternoon was a fun one, celebrating love is fun and the very best of blessings. so congratulations, again carley and craig! we love you two lovebirds a whooole lot!