Wednesday, May 21, 2014

a family affair! in black and white

oh these pictures have become some fast favorites of mine as of lately! while my parents were in town for a quick little visit, one evening we had din with austin's daddy, aunt and uncle and cousin [a bridey to be who gets married one month from today actually!!] it was a perfect evening and even though i know these family loves of mine are like what!! anoooother picture??? i sure am glad they put up with me because special family moments like these - two favorite fams of mine [minus some key faces!!] getting to know each other better, it makes me happy and i love having these moments documented.  plus its always an extra special treat to have both my parents in town with my daddy's biz schedule, so a little bit of a family affair and din was a must! and quiet yummy i might add. until next timeeeee! 

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