Friday, May 23, 2014

to my dearest boyfriend-fiance-birthday prince, happy birthday!!

this most handsome face turns twenty-eight today!! [the boy, not the pup] yay, yay! and we get to celebrate his day of birth as fiancĂ© y fiancĂ©! pretty neat. his b-day always makes me think back to our college days together and to the veeeery fist time we got to celebrate his bday together! he was turning the ever lovely, twenty-one, and he was this boy i really reeeeally liked and you know, not quiiiete his girlfriend yet [but oh! that came! about one week later] we've been dating since we were 21, so in many ways we've kind of grown up together. its a neat thought. something austin has said before and its always stuck with me. because its true! from 21 to now 28! i'm happy to share those mems with him.

so stone, the nickname that evolved back in our college days, my dear finance and forever boyfriend and crush, happy birthday! you rule da school and char and i think your the bee's knees. xoxo