Wednesday, June 11, 2014

v is for victory!

wedding diet 
"v is for victory!" --he says :)

seven years came! and went! and was celebrated pre anniversary, actually, because my stone had to be away for biz last mon - thurs. but when our anniverary rolled around, the prettiest of red roses arrived at my work from my most handsome love! he flew back to atlanta that thursday and the exhausted worker bee had to then drive home from the airport. re-pack. and back to the airport we went, together this time, to fly home to connecticut. phew!

we were flying home for my cousins wedding but also! my grandparents drove down from vermont to spend a quick day and night with us before we left again. in seven years, austin has never had the chance to meet my nana and papa. and boooooy. he has been missing out. it was so great for him to get to spend some time with these loves of mine. they are so golden and good to the core. my papa, is one of the happiest people i know, always [always, always] smiling. he is the cutest. and my nana!!! she is the funniest lady. oh she makes me laugh. 

the weather was so perfect and allowed this girl to lunch outside with my people on a really beautiful day.  my stone and daddy went to play golf afterwards while my nana, papa, mommy and i ventured to the hill-stead museum. where!! i successfully managed to get in a little bit of trouble with the tour guide madam... three times, actually. one, for almost sitting on the fragile do-not-sit furniture. two, for attempting to step out of the room to take a call from work [you are not allowed to wander alone, apparently!] and three, for my graaaand finale, almost knocking a picture off the wall as i helped lift my papa's wheelchair over a little doorway. allll in a days work! 

that night my dad grilled some steaks and chicken and we just feasted and visited at home.  at one point, my nana was telling us one of her funny stories and afterwards austin said you know, that sounds like it could be a seinfeld episode! which led to tv talk which then led to the realization that austin and papa could really be the best of friends thanks to their love of not only seinfeld but wheel of fortune. ha! old men, those two. makes me laugh every time. 

i love them. and i am so thankful they would drive the four hours to come for a really short visit. its harder for my papa to get around these days [his handsome looks and sports knowledge and sheer happiness might fool you! but it is, unfortunately] so it wasn't the easiest thing, but they did it! and i am sooo happy they did!! cutest people on earth they are. 

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