Tuesday, June 3, 2014

viva las vegas!

for meee??!
will jump over people for money. and he did! 

a couple of weeks ago, [and if i do not get these words out any sooner it will officially turn into a month, and that is just waaaay too long for me to get behind on my documenting!] we took a little trip to vegas to celebrate austin's brother's 30th birthday! and this b-day boy had no idea of such planning until him and his wifey arrived at the airport that morning and she handed him a ticket to las vegas! she did so good. and austin and i were more than delighted when she asked us a couple months back to join and help surprise him! so as they brunched in the airport terminal, a stone and myself walked on up and while there were no tears or high pitched excitement screeching on austin's brothers part [because surely that would have been my own reaction] he was surprised! yay, yay

so off we flew [hey grand canyon!] and as soon as we stepped off the plane, slot machines! already! and liquor stores. aand cigar stores, because its vegas! they do what they want! even in their airports. so there was that. and then a big black limo awaiting our arrival whisked on us off further into sin city ;) [thank you katieee!]

we stayed at the aria hotel which was so very beautiful and lively and perfectly placed on the strip with the rest of the hotel beauties. so, vegas. we pooled and dinned and explored. us ladies cheersed our $28 mojitos while the boys gambled [aaaa lot]. all the while, my high school celeb crush, ashton kutcher, was pretty much doing the exact same things. at the exact same hotel pool! you know, just cabana incognito style. austin and brother kept saying they saw him and us girls were like iiii do not know if we believe you, where is he?! but people mag and tmz and all our other very important, trusty  sources did confirm, he was there! so darn! ashton, so sad i missed you! and my hyatts! it was fun and i love yall soo mucho [even more than vegas loves my debit card, which is a lot.]