Tuesday, July 15, 2014

a bridal shower! for this bridey to be!

last week i finished reading a reeeeally darn good book called the aviators wife. and there was one line in particular that i kept going back too. kept re-reading and loving. until i finally wrote it down, because it was distracting me and my thoughts and i needed to get back to my story!  it was this:
“it took me a very long time not to view sympathy, grief, doubt, the ability to be moved by tears by love and happiness and sadness and music - as weak, despicable traits. He taught me that the ability to grieve deeply also meant that a person had the capacity to love deeply, laugh deeply, live deeply -- and that this was a capacity to be cherished.”

and that line, it's sort of me, chelsea coleen, in a nutshell, so personally? oooh i agree! it’s a capacity to be cherished [and appreciated!] and i loved how such sentiments were written so beautifully. because sometimes, traits like those... they really can be looked at as weak. i've just never been one of those people who have ever believed that. so when i read it, i was like, riiiight there with you author lady! i know when i think back to my bridal shower today and tomorrow and thirty years from now, i will remember all of the love and the laughing and the happiness that surrounded me. how i was moved so deeply by it all.   

[i will probably be reminiscing while austin and i are dining on our antique white plates! with our matching silverware! and glassware! and all the adult, married couple things we have received from the ones we love so dearly and who have been so very generous to us.]  

it was so very special for me to have three of my best friends [and bridesmaids!] there with me. it was so special to see my cousin's beautiful faces and childhood loves [circa 5th grade!], and family friends i haven't seen in so many years! there were a couple of speeches, a couple of introductions and thank you's made as we sat down for the yummiest of lunches. and hearing these sweet words!! i [happily!] cried quite a bit. but if you know us, and oo those lovely people sure do, they are pretty used to it! my sister wrote the cutest, sweetest speech. and because my mom is one of the most creative people i know  she wrote a  poem - and it was perfect.

so thank you soooo much faith and carter, some of our dearest and oldest family friends, for the greatest of showers. and to my amazing family and friends and bridesmaids, you made that day so special. i felt really, really, loved. and that is something i cherish so much more than i could ever really put into words. 


Young and Fabulous said...

love ALL of this chelsea!!

you are seriously going to be the most gorgeous bride....i cannot wait to see all the pics!!

I want to see you soon!!!!


Elizabeth Dietz said...

Such a great post!! Bridal showers are definitely the best. I remember mine came right after one of my best friends/bridesmaids went crazy on me and told me that she no longer wanted to be friends and no longer would be a part of my wedding. The people at my shower, showered me with love and reminded me of all that was good.

Miss Chelsea said...

You're going to be such a beautiful bride!