Wednesday, July 9, 2014

a healy wedding!

this picture!! makes my heart just explode with happiness. so much love!
so close molldoll, so close!

about a month ago, my handsome cousin married the beautiful love of his lifey. and!! to add to the excitement, this was the very first healy wedding! the first cousin to say i do! my dad has a big, big fam - 7 siblings [plus their spouses!] and then there's us kids! 19 of us to be exact. and so many of these amazing faces were there to celebrate the beautiful newleyweds. it's really fun being related to these people. it also gave me a special little glimpse into how our wedding will be, because a lot of those faces will be making their way to atlanta to watch healy cousin numbero two [me! meee!] say i do! and this little glimpse, it was overwhelmingly wonderful. such a fun, loving, encouraging group and every time we are together it's special [and every time we have to say goodbye it makes my heart a whole lot sad]

so the first healy wedding! it was a gorgeous success.  and oh the bridey! the newest member of our healy fam - she could not be a better fit. the ceremony was emotional, in the happy tears kind of way they always are, seeing two people stand up there and become man and wife, its really the greatest of all.  and then getting to celebrate these two at their reception, so much fun.  [it was also the most amazing to see an entire cheese display during cocktail hour- along with any other food imaginable. me+cheese=<3] mmm!! 

endless cheese, love, and my family. that always makes for a really perfect night. and it was! congrats pat and heather! we love you two sooo much! and are looking forward to all the pirate parties and manomet beaching in our years to come! 


Kathreen@party venues long island said...

Superb pictures! Its such a beautiful wedding I have seen ever. Thanks

Heather Krystal said...

Sucha pretty bride!! And those Bridesmaid dresses... LOVE the color!!
I'm still in wedding fever myself. :)


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