Tuesday, July 1, 2014

a sunday in black and white!

this past sunday was a pretty, pretty weather one. one that was spent entirely outside! we sort of broke away from our usual routine and slept in a bit later and went on a fam b-fast date to our trusty panera bread. where we brunched on bagels and iced coffee with out littlest gent! who was so good by our sides! [leashed up niiice and good, right under my chair ;)] we do not like leaving that one at home so its always nice when he can hang with his humans, in human places! and really there is no story there, we took a walk. we pooled, summer kind of stuff. but... document! because it was a really sweet, good day.  those little, everyday moments, i think if you can take delight in those, then you are going pretty a-okay! 


Jamie said...

You guys are too cute.

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