Wednesday, July 30, 2014

the story of us

the other day i thought, you know, i have written about how austin and i met on our wedding website but! never here! in this little place of mine. and i for one, i loooove hearing about how people meet. because there are million trillion ways. everyone's story is different! so, this is ours ;)

once upon a time, on the University of Alabama campus, sophomore college me met a green-eyed boy named Austin. Austin played baseball for Alabama and it was through one of my sweet roommates [and now, bridesmaids!] who worked for the athletic department that introduced us. and good gosh. that boy was cute.

but the story of us, did not begin until our junior year actually! it was the week of my twenty-first birthday when my sorority announced they would be hosting a "grab-a-date" party the next night, giving us girls a quick 24 hours to find a date.

we were out that night when we ran into Austin and friends. a couple of my pledge sisters decided to ask his friends to the party and i very nervously asked Austin. [who said yes, with the cutest of smiles. pheww!]

it was that party and the rest of my twenty-first birthday week that brought us together and eventually! led to Austin and i becoming an official boyfriend-girlfriend, us.

after graduation, i moved to Atlanta for work and that baseball playing boyfriend of mine, was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies. for the next three years, we spent half the year together during the off-season and the other half way too many miles apart. but as of last year, he returned! home for good and working in Buckhead. no more long distance, no more sad goodbyes. my best friend, home.

and after seven years together, i am so thankful the girl from Connecticut and the boy from Georgia's two worlds collided one Tuscaloosa night.

..and roll tide! forever and ever. amen.


A Simple Southern Life said...

I love hearing how people met! Such a sweet story(:

Shelby @ Sweetness in Starlight said...

Ahhh love this story. How sweet!

and yes, roll tide! :)

Kristin said...

What a sweet story!!