Tuesday, July 29, 2014

wimp-tastic ;)

that handsome face left two weeks ago for the lovely land of new jerz for some businessy work  things! aaand he is still up there! until he returns on Friday! so, what i can tell you about all of that is this:

one, i am so proud of him. and  two! my old baseball girlfriend self thinks i am one million percent so much more wimpy now. and i would really have to agree with her/me. because i miss him. aaaaa lot! without him around our little apartment home it just feels so much more lonely! 

its funny how things change, you know. once upon a time back in the stone baseball days, we had to be apart for three, long, stupid months. three. months!!  so, three weeks? it should be a piece of cake [or cheese. cheese in my case. mmm] but now, this current chelsea fiance self of mine- its become harder. i've gotten spoiled having him around all my days. so, i'm a bit more wimpy now, and i'm okay with it. so hurry home stoneee! we miss you!


Alyssa said...

Oh, I'm just the same way! My boyfriend and I used to do 3 months apart, and while it was hard I managed! He has since changed jobs, we moved across the country and are now living together... and man does it change things! Two weeks is rough now!

Pamela said...

aww totally understandable!!

Pamela said...

aww totally understandable!!

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