Tuesday, August 26, 2014


welllllll! life lately! there is a whole lot going on in our little bit of the world. wedding planning and work changes and weekend fun things. 

.. we received our engagement images from our dearest wedding photog in the mail and we looove them so very much! 

.. and there was a bachelorette party! not mine this time! but for an old college girlfriend of mine who gets married this october [2 weeks exactly after austin and i!!] we traveled to Charleston the other weekend to celebrate the cute bridey to be. all these friend reunions in all these beautiful places, i could certainly get used to this ;)

.. tickets to dustin lynch's concert were purchased a couple of days ago! less than two weeks until my most favorite band along with my most favorite brother, their most favorite bass player, play right here in georgia! and i can not waaaait!! you can buy your tickets here

.. some salsa making with a stone of mine from tomatoes his daddy grew

.. my bffs and then some beautiful roses given to me by my love when he picked me up from the airport a couple weeks back 

.. and charlie and his baseball. because he loooves it. so much. he has found everyone of austins and will play and play and play with it. until he decides to tear and tear and tear them right up. [which results in me being the mean human parent having to throw it away] 

.. the cheesiest, cheese date with two family-to-be loves of mine! mmmm ;)

so! there you go, a little insight into our lately. [not including, maybe a million-ish other things]


Elizabeth Dietz said...

Looks like you have had so much fun stuff going on recently!! And LOVE the shirts you gals are wearing for the bachelorette! So cute!

Kayla MKOY said...

What fun! You've got a lot of happiness in your life girlfriend!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It sounds like you've been one busy lady!