Wednesday, August 13, 2014

the bands back together

sunday brunching. and maybe the first time, ev-er, i did not order french toast. !! crazy.

hey hey! its true! me and my favs are reunited once again. we missed stone much-ooo while he was away in new jerz doing businessy things. and we are proud of him, we are! but quite happy to have him home. charlie, especially! do you see that puppy smile way up there!? stone snapped it after picking puppy up from petsmart while this girl was away on her bach. it was the first time they had seen each other since stone left, and i think it captures their excitement/happiness level pretty accurately. bffs for-ev-er, those two.  and!! also. we are finally able to open the beautiful wedding/shower gifts that have arrived at our door step/leasing office. opening them by myself didn't feel right, so self control and i placed them in a corner until stone's return. and now that he is back! we are opening! but told ourselves maybe one or two a night. its like wedding Hanukkah. and it's pretty brilliant if i do say so myself ;)

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