Monday, October 20, 2014

a hell of a night...... to quote their new single ;)

i was the most delighted girl to hear  that my favorite musician brother bee would be back in atlanta this past weekend. that's three reunions since september! which never happens, because he is never.home.ever. and always on tour so i really try to soak in all the time i can with that one. dustin lynch and band were invited to open for mrs. miranda lambert this past saturday, along with a couple other country talents: raelynn, maddie & tae, and gary allen

it is the best best feeling having my family peeps in my atlanta world. so as soon as their tour bus arrived i hopped in the car to scoop the sleepy rockstar up and brunch. we dinned outside on the prettiest of fall saturdays and caught up about life things and afterwards headed back to the verizon amp venue where the whole show would be taking place that evening. char came along with me to visit  and it was fun to take him on a little walk through the empty verizon amphitheater. vip puppy all.the.way. he get's it from his human uncle. but soon it was sound check for them and drive home and get ready time for us hyatts! ;) 

stone, my cowboy boots and two sweet lady loves of mine headed on over later that evening and it was really just a perfect night.  i love, love, love getting to see my brother on stage, doing what he loves. its still sort of boggles my mind. the traveling and the performing. its constant, no time off.  they work so, so hard. and it reeeeally shows. because they are just so darn good. and yes. little bits of me are partial, but its the truth! so so good. [gary and miranda weren't too bad themselves ;)] 

and then after a night like that!!! the next morning, like clockwork, i always feel a bit  homesick. every single time i must say goodbye to my fam. because they are the best people i know and i miss them. a lot. but the silver lining there is i do get to wake up to a husband and cuddly puppy and that makes it a whole lot easier. so my dearest colinboy! love you. miss you a million. and can't wait to see you again!

and side note! about that whole bicep chugging thing. that came from that brother of mine. i mean, i cant put any copyright on it because i'm sure beer chugging people have been doing that since back in the day but colin and friends starting doing it in their college days, just something that made them laugh and from there it sort of became their thing, so it was necessary. i suppose? gosh, our mother must be so proud.


Aunt Jayne said...

Sounds like you had a grand ole time! We're all very proud of Colin as well as his beautiful sister. Love you!

Aunt Jayne said...

That was suppose to say Sisters. I would never leave out Beautiful Brianna!

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