Tuesday, October 14, 2014


on saturday, september twenty-seventh at half past five in the evening, the big beautiful doors of atlanta's historic swan house opened wide. my daddy and i took a big deep breath, clung tight to one another and with a million happy excited nervous butterflies, we made our way to my one and only groom. my college sweets for the past seven years and on that evening, surrounded by our most beloved friends and family we promised each forever under God. and with that! husband and wife we became! yay yay! 

and well geez! just thinking about that makes me all sentimentally tingly. moments. moments like that. monumental, life changing, indescribable amazing moments like those, the ones that make your entire heart feel like it could really burst with so much love and joy?!  ooo! they are what this life is made off. i am certain. my parents are my favorite and have always taught us to really, really soak in all the small, medium and big life moments that come our way. and soak it in i did! september twenty-seventh, you will forever be imprinted in my heart. the very very best day of our lives. 

and there's so much more weddingness rambles to come!! because it truly was a perfect-to-us day and gosh, its already so incredibly fun to relive and remember and document! especially now, as mrs. chelsea hyatt ;)