Thursday, November 6, 2014


on our first married Halloween we decided to dress up as hippy loving flower children. i'll usually come up with a few random ideas every october and then see which one austin likes the best because he's always, always surprising me. [likeee the one year when we were vampires and he painted his face white, or another year when we were the fourth of july/america lovers and he dressed in full uncle sam costume [white beard and all. including making his own top hat, ha!] and since a part of me really identifies with the peace and love generation i was mooore than happy when he said "lets do 70's, that's who you are at heart!" aaand it was decided. so yes, i love, love my october. all our traditions aaaand the Halloween holiday. every time it arrives i am the happiest and then its over! and the next morning i wake up and feel just... ugh, a bit it-went-by-way-toooo-fast sad! because costumes are fun and difficult to pull off on any day other than 10.31!!

the sunday after Halloween had gone and left us and brought with it November, we decided to finally carve our pumpkins. ha, backwards! but October was a crazy one for us - we have our excuses!! so while carving is a prettier word, the more accurate here would be "gutting." we gutted those pumpkins and that word - yup its the right one! cause that whole process is not the prettiest. and a lot messy. but we love our pumpkin seeds and none will go to waste in our house!! so our priorities were really - gut pumpkin, ever so carefully save the seeds, bake, eat! and eat and eat. i probably got way to much enjoyment over setting it all up and having charlie lie down and explain the whole process to him. [flashbacks to when i was younger and would talk to barbies/non living things] but charlie is living! so moving in the right direction. and plus stone was right behind us as our observing audience. char was pretty interested. and investigated that pumpkin per usual. once the pumpkin was all gutted and sitting there so sad and lonely i decided to at least carve something into it... anything! but with it being November its life would be a bit short lived. so i carved in an H for our hyatt-y home. and i quickly learned, pumpkin carving.. not my thing! it's always stones job and his job it shall remain! but time was a-tickin' with the end of pumpkin season quickly approaching. but oh was it nice seeing that baby all lit up when the lights were dimmed, sooo cozy. which made me that much more excited for the Christmas lights riight around the corner!! i see you Christmas!! but first thanksgiving ;)

*and side note! that last little pic of my pirate puppy is from  a november day last weekend. still in costume he was. and on a morning coffee run through the einstein brothers drive-thru the employees died over it and his sweetness and gave him a whole doggy bagel biscuit, fo free! so i explained to him that that was what trick-or-treating is like. and he approved. until next year halloween! and see you tonight, pumkin seeds!!


Ashley said...

i love that charlie got the full trick or treating experience...far less leg work going through the drive through though!

peace and love! ;)

Lindsay said...

I absolutely hate carving pumpkins, I am terrible at it and give up mid way through every time. It was our first Halloween as a married couple so I made a W pumpkin :)