Monday, November 24, 2014


i do nooot like getting behind on my important family stuff. and i really don't like missing out on anything worth obsessing over, but i have been a bit distracted as of lately with so much moving, working, newlyweding going on! sooo! for a while now, i have been dying to find a way to watch one of my sweet cousins, rosemary, in a performance she had a couple of weeks ago with her a capella group, sweet signatures. and low and behold! there were a couple of videos floating around the interwebs! yay, yay! so, this morning i finally got to watch one of rosie's solo's - a rendition of jason durulo's "trumpets"  and ......chills! it made my heart so incredibly happy and PROUD! [i cried happy tears. ha! happy crying, it's my thing]

i remember having this particular song stuck in my head on our wedding day as i was getting ready with my loves, so i've loved it for a while. but thiiiis version. oh its even better. sung by the most gorgeous talent and girl...i can not stop playing. so i won't ;) aaand then! then, i stumbled on more video footage from this performance of theirs, so clearly. date tonight with some unpacking of boxes and the sweet signatures]  rosie!! we are so, so proud of your incredible self and can not wait to see moooore! <3