Monday, December 22, 2014

a healy christmas for us hyatts ;)

christmas week has officially begun! we are off to boston this evening to channel our inner city selves and spend time with my sister in that beautiful chilly city of hers! and it just so happens, that touring brothers of ours has time off ! ! ! so he will be there as well! it will be austin's first christmas spent with the healy fam. yay yay!! we are sort of squeezing in all our northern fun like we tend to do every year! [except no quick stop in manomet! unless we get reaaaally spontaneous] so it's boston for a few days of sibling togetherness, then us siblings and husband [mine] are headed to connecticut to see my parents and really dig in to all our christmas traditions and such ;) will stone have a christmas stocking? will he join in our christmas eve tradition of writing yearly new years resolutions? [does he even have a choice?] will my mom give him an ornament pre christmas like she has always done with us forever and ever? will santa in the form of my cute dad wake us all up with jingle bells? stay tuned!  my five most favorite people in the entire world. it's going to be so merry for us marrieds. see you sooon!


Ashlee said...

you always have the most wonderful adventures and way of telling stories. i love it. have fun with your family AND a very happy first MARRIED christmas. It's our 1st married christmas too so I can share your excitement. :)

Amy said...

So darn sweet! I hope you guys have the best first married Christmas! <3