Thursday, December 4, 2014

keeping with tradition!


our pine beauty is up! and so sparkly and cozy! it's the first married christmas for us newlyweding hyatts and with that, more tradition things. because why do i ever do what i do ;) soo as this one goes, for thirty-three years, my parents wedding ornament has always been the very first ornament they hang on the christmas tree. growing up, we would always wait for the kat and paul wedding ornament version to be hanging from the very top before we claimed our favorite ornament spots [middle school chelsea would never put anything higher than my parents ornament, but she would always make sure her chelsea ornaments were higher than a certain colin's or brianna's hehe] its a sweet tradition and in a ways its like the cutting of a big fancy red ribbon to say, we are open! open for holiday celebrating and tree decorating and all things cheery and merry and bright.  

i think over the scope of a lifetime of christmas' our tree has fallen twice. and with its fall, down went the ornaments too, including my parents wedding one. hitting the floor and breaking their beautiful heads off! sad. sad. sad! luckily, glue rescued it for them/us/everyone. [and one year, it tried falling again, but superkat got their just in time, and i really do love her telling of this story]

so christmas 2014! my dearest mommy gifted austin and i with our own wedding ornament. and we made sure it was the very first one on our tree. and that's how it shall remain. this year, next year, and forever and always, amen.