Friday, December 12, 2014

life things as of lately!

well hey! memory documentor of mine. life these daysweeksmonths have just been busy! i suppose that that does tend to happen when you mix in a wedding, honeymoon, new jobby and the buying of a house in a span of three-ish months! so, future chelsea self, here are just a couple of little 4x4 iphone photos to document some key, key things! like the painting of our home. the seller had a couple of rooms painted a light turquoise color - mainly the kitchen and while i sure do love me some turquoise, not so much in the kitchen. so pre moving in we were painting maniacs. but its done! thanks for your help char ;) and thanksgiving! we spent it in atlanta this year with stone's familia. since we had to miss my family's woodys walk pre meal in connecticut, we took our own! becauseeee, traditions ;) every year my dad has us pause in silence for one quiet minute to soak in all the goodness and give thanks and so us hyatts made sure to do just that. except, had to start the clock all over again because our little walk was by a golf course and in our minute of thankfulness a golf ball landed right in the middle !!! dangerous those minutes of silence. but we completed and then we were off to eat and give thanks and visit with some family loves. the next morning brought us black friday. i've never done the whole black friday shopping, get up early thing, but there were a couple of things stone was showing me in the newspaper at lowes and since it was right down the street from us, okay fineeee let's go. [but first. coffee] and so at 6ish we popped on over and left with a whole cart full of things. but my favorite purchase was definitely the outdoor heater. it's a necessity i tell you! and lucky enough stone is so handy and could put that all together with really no assistance from this girl. so! a couple of random recaps, yay :) the end! happy weekend!