Thursday, January 29, 2015

29, week one!

i had a really, really happy birthday. and was a little bit sad to see it pass! i love any and all celebrations. but i really love people celebrating. so, when you yourself get to be celebrated a little, its fun. it's a sweet feeling to be loved and appreciated and wined and dined if you are ever so lucky! and i was :)  i woke up on my 29th year to the sweetest flowers from my boyfriend turned fiance turned husband [who was all, "i finally got to buy a card that says wife!" 8th year bday celebrating!] who took me on a breakfast date. that! is! the! way! to do it, if you ask me. i ordered french toast, like i have while breakfast dining for all my 29 years because go big or go home, you know? plus midweek, early morning dates are a treat, they happen so rarely with us hurrying out the door, so i enjoyed it muchoo!! and then we said our goodbyes because work waits for no one but reunited later that evening to, eat some more. at a restaurant we have been wanting and wanting to try. and now are now wanting and wanting to go back and try again! all the while being wished the happiest of bday by so many of my dear dear friends and family. which never gets old. never, ever. it was a good one. happy one. and really sugary one. so thank you!