Wednesday, January 21, 2015


picture from our honeymoon this past october!

splashin on into year 29 of life! the last year of my twenties! but my very first one as chelsea coleen hyatt ;) a little life reflecting from my father dearest --- 

"twenty-nine is the cusp of another great 10 year stretch of your life - the 20's were college, starting a career, courtship and marriage. the thirty's are maybe starting a family! i cannot say which decade of life i have enjoyed the most as all have been better than i ever expected!"

i love that. so cheers to every year always being so much better than you could have ever expected :) i've said it a million times before , but i love birthdays [half and whole. mine and yours] and its truly because as soon as you wake up you feel so special and loved and so tingly and warm and its all thanks to the family and friends and people who really know you and love you despite the good and the bad. and that!!! it's the best way to feel. so thanks!

** and like every single year! thank you mommy for writing this sweet bday post.  and for giving me life - that too!! ;)


Hilary said...

Happy Birthday! :-))

Ashlee said...

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Girl!