Friday, January 16, 2015

hyatts do boston

pre christmas, we flew to boston to spend a couple days in my sisters big, beautiful city! my brother happened to fly in the same day. because he had timeeeeeee-off! which is a phrase i use, never. my time with those two is so golden to me. because i'm the oldest and am just sort of the protector of them. and my time with them. so it was really special  for us to have a night where it was just us siblings [and austin too!] just the healy/hyatt kidz ;) before heading home to connecticut to spend Christmas and the rest of the weekend with my parents :) 

i love boston. i love the history and character and the people!! it's an incredible place and i really love getting to visit. both my sister and brother went to college there and can navigate that city like it aint no thang ;) even colin, who moved to nash a couple of years ago, he's still got it! some things just stay with you. boston is a hard place to forget :) i'm always so impressed with those sibling city slickers of mine. and since they happen to know their way around so well, it always makes our visits that much more fun. i love getting to visit the little hole in the wall hidden gems that other wise i'd never know existed!  

we stayed at the boston park plaza, which is perfectly placed right in the heart of boston, making getting to and from places so much easier. we made sure to enjoy some calamari and clam-chowda on a stroll through harvard square before heading to newbury to explore [and shop!] some more. that night we met up with my workin' girl sister and sort of spur of the moment, decided to go to the boston bruins game. colin is a big hockey lover and the bruins just so happened to be playing the nashville predators. so austin and col used their city smarts to scalp tickets and aawaaaaaay we went. definitely a really fun game to attend, as i image they all are. this spring, boston red sox! i'm making a mental note now to put it on our 2015 to-do list. because while col and bri have been many times before, i haven't! so change that we must.

the next morning, austin and i left the hotel with zero agenda and just started walking :) we found a really yummy breakfast place and then proceeded to go up and down the neighborhood streets. looking at all the incredible townhouses and loving every little detail of the homes there. [and maybe plugging in some addresses into google to see how  much such a place would cost. if you have a spare million dollars - its a really excellent place for you!] ;)  we met up with my brother a little bit after and headed to boston garden, which looks a whole lot different in its wintertime glory compared to it's springtime glory, but beautiful nonetheless! and notable mention: the boston garden squirrels....they are crazy. and chubby. and very friendly. friendly which quickly turned a little bit frightening!  these are not shy creatures! noooo ma'am not the boston garden squirrels. they would let me get right up nice and close to snap their pic which was so very kind of them... and then i'm they started chasing me.  so, the jury is still out on them.  soon after, my sister scooped us on up and to connecticut we headed! and just like that our time in boston the beautiful came to an end :( 

but thank you for having us beantown! you are a fun one. and we will be seeing you in the warmer months! 

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