Thursday, January 8, 2015

keeping with tradition // resolutions!

Christmas eve, 2014

since i was eleven, my family has always written resolutions [which usually tend to be resolutions mixed with predictions, hopes, dreams, whatever!] for the coming year. every Christmas eve, usually after church, we come home, dig deep down into our stockings for that ever growing pile of paper [index cards, post-its, notepads, really whatever we had available at the moment!] and sit in the family room, reading our resolutions to one another. and there's laughing and reflecting and the occasional happy tears, becauseeee, healy girls and happy tears and peanut butter and jelly, it all just goes together so well :)) and once we've finished, we each write a new one. it's a very let your heart take the wheel kind of process. to just write freely, no over-thinking or trying to make perfect.  and once its written, you don't go back and re-read it. into your stocking it goes and there is stays, unread, until next Christmas eve :)  

but we do re-read old resolutions! and that is all part of the fun. reading what your past self was up to/thinking/feeling/dreaming. seventeen resolutions sit in that stocking of mine! so many different versions of myself [but just as wonderfully, the exact same version is there too] and then! fast forward, fast forward, there i am, present day, Christmas Eve twenty-fourteen. sitting on the couch, with my stocking and pile of papers, like i have since i was eleven, except this year! my "first southern boyfriend" [verbatim! circa 2007 resolution?] turned husband, sat there right next to me!  my eleven year old self aaaand my twenty-eight year old self both agree it's kind of the craziest! but best, this growing up thing.

so there we sat, me reading my resolution from last year. my predictions and thoughts for 2014 and the incredible year austin and i were about to embark on.  that moment, was a sweet one. so, you know, tears. they accompanied me. but i also think some of that teary-ness was because austin was there. and for the very first time, he was experiencing this long standing tradition of ours, one that is really sort of sacred to us... and as my husband!  forever, it has always been us five. but on that Christmas eve, for the very first time, there were six :)  i love these traditions. i love continuing them and seeing austin write his very fist resolution. i love my family and oooh how i love their hearts. so! very! much! until next year resolutions! and the year after that, and that, and...........that. [x a lifetime]

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