Monday, February 9, 2015

christmas day reminiscing on the ninth of feb ;)

christmas eve & kevin mccallister. ooof course!

better late than never, they say!! so! just a quick little photo doc of our first married Christmas in connecticut with my family. i am a broken record when it comes to these people, i love them with my whole entire heart. they are my best  friends. they are the sweetest, kindest, funniest people i know and it’s the coolest thing to be related to them. and to know that they are stuck with me forever and ever :) i loved having austin at home with us, getting to experience the way we have forever done Christmas. one by one opening gifts, because take our time we shall! big, big breakfasts shared at the table. getting all bundled up and taking a walk along the river [same route we wak on thanksgiving!] and then before you know it, night time is upon us and its Christmas dinner ham time! all in a day's work, celebrating our Lord and Savor's birthday with the ones i love the most.