Tuesday, February 17, 2015

colintines day

little snippets from colintine's day! welllll really the day after. it just so happened this past sunday the birthday boy himself made a quick appearance in our dearest atlanta. they were  headed to FL for a show the next night and atl was a good half way spot for their energizer of a bus driver to rest his head for a few ten hours and catch up on sleep. so from about 2 pm when they rolled in, to midnight when they rolled on out, we got to see colin. yay!  and celebrate a belated bday! it's been so much fun getting to see him so much lately. we met up with one of my favorite lady's and her bf and crazy enough, oyster fest was going on right down the street! perfect timing, thank you mardi gras! so as the story always, aaaalways goes, eventually cinderella had to leave the ball [or you know, musician brother had to leave for tour bus] and of course anytime any of my people leave me i feel bits of homesickness but i bounce back. because life! you gotta keep on bouncing. so until the next time!