Wednesday, February 4, 2015

i believe in nashville ;)

we had the best, best sushi in nashville !! and ever since we've been back we have been trying and trying to find a sushi restaurant just as good, with no luck! [we need recs! this is important!]

a few weekends ago we visited my mooost favorite nashville to see my most favorite brother. we have been so, so lucky to be seeing so much of him lately! he happened to have the weekend off and since that probably won't be the case until maybe next december, we jumped at the opportunity to visit! and i'm so glad we did, for so many reasons, but for one, i didn't realize austin had not been back to nash since his college baseball days! alabama traveled one weekend to play vanderbilt and funny enough, i road tripped that weekend with my girlfriends to watch my then boyfriend pitch and soak in music city for the very. first. time. aaand fast forward to now, here we are! living in the future, married and colin happens to live there :)

i really love that city. so, so much. i love the restaurants and the live music and everything about its southern charm. plus, i always love getting to peak into my siblings worlds and i reaaaaally do wish i could peak more often than i get too!! i miss the days when they lived right down the hall from me! :)  [although, this has me flashing back to my high school days, leaning from the top of the banister yelling for colin to pleeease stooooop playing [insert any instrument] because it was sooo annoying. ahh. older sisters are tough ones to please, iiii would not know!]

charlie also came along for the trip, which makes us really happy people when we can bring him. he loves his uncle and any and all adventures and for the most part was a pretty good house guest. so our happy level was already high but it sure helped getting to go out one night with one of our  friends from atlanta who just so happened to be in nash the same weekend as us! great minds ;) and then getting to visit with one of my oldest collegey friends who lives there with her husband and their prince of a puppy.  we finallyyyy had the opportunity to introduce our two puppies to one another. the cuuuutest those too! and so, so loved by their mommies [and had us feeling like such stage moms while we tried so very hard to get their picture together]

so, it was a really, really perfect weekend. and when sunday rolled around, we were nooot really wanting to leave just yet. so we prolonged the real world one more day and left monday morning. sometimes work can wait! :) until next time nash! take care of all my loves!