Tuesday, March 31, 2015

heeey 6 months!

this past friday we celebrated six whole months of love and marriage! i will forever be the firmest believer in celebrating all big and little things that come my way. it's how my heart opperates. and six months of marriage to my life long bff should be celebrated! so on this particular twenty-seventh day of the month, we popped on over to memory lane and relived the night we got engaged :) we stayed at the grand hyatt right down the street from our little housey. the same grand hyatt we stayed as a healy and hyatt, girlfriend and boyfriend before all that changed. but this time we checked in as mr. & mrs. hyatt with fancy rings on [the future is so coooool]
before leaving for din my own hyatt played my parents wedding song, juuust like he did on that one november night and we danced. and it was so sweet. and yes so corny! but i love corny! and i love that song! so.... naturally, tears. gosh i love that song and i love how it will forever hold such a special a place in my heart and austins. and my parents. and my siblings. to share that with them is the neatest.
we dined at southern art which is the same restuaruant we went after i said yesss and actually where we had our reheasral din! crazy enough we had the very same waiter tooo! i had sooo many crazy flashback moments that night that brought me right back to not only the night we got engaged but also to our rehearsal din! and how surreal it was to be surrounded by the greatest of family and friends on this planet who were all arriving for our wedding the next day.
but this time, it was just us two. and so we sipped our drinks and looked at wedding pictures that just so happened to be featured on once wed earlier that day and listened to the band and danced.. we may have been the only couple up there, but it was perfect. always re-live those kind of days, the special ones, because they keep on being special in their own ways. and while life is never perfect and isn't always romantic and sparkly, that night, it soo was.